Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Word Count Wednesday - March 29

What am I working on?:
I've been spending some time journaling/free writing ideas, just to get my creative juices flowing.

Word Count:

How Do I Feel About The Process?
I found the improve exercise we did in class extremely helpful, and I had never thought about it to help the writing process.  What a great idea!

What Am I Reading?
Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman

John Cheever "The Swimmer"

What Am I Watching?
Not much this week.  I've been busy with PTA meetings, a photoshoot for my son and getting 4 days of my son's homework finished in two days because of a baseball game tonight and baseball practice tomorrow.

Bill Maher on HBO was particularly good this past Friday night.

What Am I Listening To?

Some classic Billy Joel and Adele this past Sunday while we were doing chores around the house and some Pearl Jam classics in my car.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Word Count Wednesday - March 22

What am I working on?:
I'm just now getting back into the swing of things.  We had Spring Break and I had an essay due yesterday for my American Lit class.

Now I can focus on Experiment #7, I was assigned "Ascension" from the 20 Master Plots book.  My idea is to follow the story of the Chicago Cubs baseball team in their 'ascension' out of being losers and not winning a World Series for the past 108 years!  It's an incredible story (if you like baseball ;-) and it immediately came to mind when I received my assignment.

Word Count:
About 200, I began free writing and will work on it further.

How Do I Feel About The Process?
I wish I could carve our more time to write.  I'm juggling 2 classes at Moorpark, being a wife and taking care of the home, a mom and making sure my son's homework gets finished (yep! homework in 2nd grade) and I also volunteer at my son's school and run the art program for his school.  Not to mention trying to find time to exercise.

I'm still working on balancing it all and its the ever-constant struggle to achieve it.

What Am I Reading?
I'm still trying to read Room

I also just sped read Eat Right For Your Type.  It's a book about eating right for your blood type.  I found the information I once knew, and had forgotten, very interesting.

What Am I Watching? (I know, write more and watch less, but I need some downtime!)
Over Spring Break my friend turned me on to a Netflix series about the Irish Rebellion called "Rebellion".  It's really good, I'm in the middle of the 3rd episode.

John Oliver's Weekly Show on HBO.  I freaking LOVE him!

Dancing With The Stars on Monday nights.  It just resumed the new season this past Monday and I have to watch it now because David Ross, former catcher for the Chicago Cubs is on it!  Grandpa Rossi is the man!!

Showtime's "Homeland" when I can.  I love that series!

CNN (Anderson Cooper 360 is my fav) to keep abreast of the circus.

I'm also going to add What Am I Listening To?
I'm a huge NPR fan and listen to KCLU in my car.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Word Count Wednesday

What am I working on:
I'm working on my experiment #6, The world is exactly the same except......

Word Count:  
1,988 for the rewrite of my narrative #1 assignment. 

How Do I Feel About The Process?:
I love the 'community' we've created among our 'Houses'.  Its nice to be able to share your ideas, challenges and fears about the process with encouraging peers.  

I'm struggling to find new, fresh story ideas to branch out a bit.  I'd really like to come up with another original story idea, something in the first person, which I think might be a bit easier for me to practice with. 

I'm inspired by other writers in our class.  Certain writers are amazing and I wish I was as talented at this as them.  I'm determined to keep going though, practice, practice, practice.  

What am I reading:
William Faulkner As I Lay Dying

Emma Donoghue Room, lent to me by Chloe Frederickson, thank you :)

Stephen King One Writing