Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Experiment #2 - Poem


When are we going to be done focusing on color and our differences?
In reading some texts from 30, 40, 50 years ago, nothing has changed really.
We fool ourselves, thinking that we are civilized,
That we have moved past simple divisions of color or of thoughts.

But in truth, some people remain stuck,
Blinded by their own ignorance to empathize with anyone of a different color,
Anyone who may have a differing opinion.
Well, now we have the Orange one.
One who spews hatred to anyone who crosses his path.
White, Black, Brown, Man or Woman, it does not matter.

We must stand united against this Orange tidal wave,
Washing over us,
Drowning our humanity.

We must not be divided,
We must not be discouraged, but rather forge,
Forge ahead and lift up one another up out of the abyss
And into the light of a colorless and cohesive humanity.

When we do that, the Orange swamp will be drained.

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